Promotion for services by the end of June.

Our Detective Agency operates in a wide range of activities so as to make you fully satisfied and meet your expectations. We specialize mainly in safety in its wide sense. Our Detective Agency is entered in the register of entities running investigation activities at the Polish Ministry of the Interior and Administration (MSWiA) to provide investigation services and consultancy in the use and selection of most appropriate alarm systems.

We DO NOT OFFER services in physical security of facilities.

Our business is based on collecting data, as requested by a client, related to individuals, companies or business entities. We help to prevent and detect economic crimes, frauds, and also eliminate unfair competition. Our Agency's work effects are used as evidence, thus come as pictures, records, document copies and other forms of preserving information.

The Detective Agency was established to address the needs of third parties and business entities, and take action in regard of any sort of information concerning infringement of their rights.

A Detective, first of all, acts in the interest of a person who places their trust and requests performance of an activity comprising:

  • collecting, processing and transferring of information for all those who wish to face the truth about their spouse and business partner
  • collecting, processing and transferring of information regarding events and objects where law enforcement authorities failed to show due diligence to clarify a case
  • collecting, processing and transferring of information regarding events and objects which law enforcement authorities do not wish to take care of due to their competences.


Particularly nowadays it is important to take note of contractors' or business partners' reliability – especially those who run their business abroad. New markets on the East provide great opportunities for the development of companies, however they also may cause a complete collapse or risk of being taken over by a foreign entity. In this area, we also provide services related to gathering of relevant information. Their financial condition, liquidity, debt or obligations will be under a detailed investigation and analysis, and the information obtained will serve as a basis for taking well thought out and right decisions. In particular, we operate on the territory of the EU member states and Russia.

Other type of activity we take on includes tracing of fugitives hiding both in Poland and abroad. There are many reasons for which a person tries to keep in secret their data. Some of them are as follows: pursuing creditors, awareness of not being able to get away with punishment, and plain ones related to family disagreements. It is also possible to seek people with whom our family bonds have been loosened, and we wish to find them but do not quite know how. We are able to learn about their financial status and provide information on their property. We organize, plan and recognize matters related to a comprehensive security of VIPs and individuals who temporarily feel endangered or insecure in a given location or environment. We can take up activities to provide anonymity, or discretion during meetings, events, leisure.