Collecting and verifying information in adultery cases:

Detection of adultery:

For many, faithfulness is a basis for trust in marriage. Our Agency strives to establish factual circumstances in such cases. We conduct pre-investigation activities free of charge in location and time as specified by the client.

We perform our activities in a discreet manner, while following statutory rights, and always act in the interest of the client. We provide description of the factual situation impartially. We collaborate with a lawyers' office which provides legal assistance to our clients.

We verify persons who wish to marry for their past and economic standing.

Moreover we also verify the spouse's, life partner's faithfulness or loyalty of a business partner.


Forensic expertise:

Sometimes it takes long until results of forensic expertise in criminal or civil procedures are obtained. In this regard, in order to shorten waiting time for results of such expertise and taking into account the urgent need to supply the evidence, we offer a wide range of various types of expertise. Our specialists take care of:

- verification of legitimate origin of a vehicle – its identification

- mechanoscopic examination,

- electronic investigations of data carriers and computer hardware

- analysis of road accidents or traffic collisions,


Inheritance investigations:

We gather information regarding localisation of heirs, persons entitled to inheritance. Personal data undergo changes, people change their names, residences. In result it is necessary to seek for such individuals. There are cases where family members of the deceased are not known, and in turn may be entitled to inheritance. We identify family of the deceased and find residences of all the entitled. Then kinship between heirs and the deceased is verified.


Economic espionage:

Economic espionage shall be considered as a process of seeking and also analysing the obtained information regarding a company or its owners or representatives. Such activities precede taking important business decisions. Economic espionage helps contractor to take the right and only decision, obtain new, relevant information. It can also help to foresee far-reaching future consequences, both negative and positive, for the people and the company, and assess a related potential risk. Such service can be used, if:

- collaboration with other entities, natural persons has just begun. It is a form of protection from an unfair business partner.

- during proceedings before the court or collector, indicating economic elements which may have an impact on the enforcement of the claim. Such activity will help to minimize the risk of a payment gridlock.


Seeking missing and concealing people:

Our Agency seeks missing people. It is fairy common that law enforcement authorities treat each case of a missing person as usual and limit their activity to acceptance of notification on such incident, only. It should be said that surely this results from the fact that such people often return after some time, and their absence in the residence or at work has nothing to do with a criminal act. However it is fairly common that such missing is related to the need to commit a criminal act on the missing person. It is of no secret that on many occasions in the past failure to take an immediate action by the relevant authorities resulted in the death or loss of health of the missing person.

Price list

Detective Agency ‘Walker’ is not able to provide a fixed price list for our clients.

Each problem or case is different, and therefore affects the type and the extent of labour. This entails modification of costs incurred to complete the task.

Once specificity of the job is learned, taking into account its nature and scope, price for a service is established individually on the following basis:

  • hour rate

  • day rate

  • fixed rate

It is the ordering party who decides on the cost to be incurred based on the needs provided to our employee.


Final price for the service, regardless of the priorities, is established individually following negotiations, while paying attention to financial profitability of both the ordering party and the Detective Agency.